Leadership & Support Packages

Our DYNAMIC DIRECTORS Leadership Program and SUPPORT PACKAGES are aimed at providing you value for your investment, ongoing support and professional development to the highest quality standard.

Walking alongside each other as a team
Life as a Leader, Teacher & Educator begins the day you realise that you are always a learner!   Kay Redfield Jamison (modified by Michelle Woszatka, 2018)

Dynamic Directors – An Annual Leadership Program for New and Inexperienced Directors.

This annual mentoring and coaching program; 30+ years in the making, is designed for YOU the new and/or inexperienced Director to feel more competent, capable and supported in your role and to build on your current Leadership skills and knowledge to grow into the Leader that your team will follow.   So, you’ve read through the DYNAMIC DIRECTORS information and you know it’s for you.  We are SO excited you would like to join our intentionally small group. Next step is to express your interest in being a part of this group.  We’ll ask you a few questions online to confirm your suitability for the group and then Michelle will be in contact with you to discuss next steps.

Not long now till our Foundation DYNAMIC DIRECTORS Leadership Doors close. Once closed you will be unable to join this cohort of Directors.  There will be a maximum of two cohorts per year.  There is no guarantee there will be two so get in now so you don’t miss out.  I can’t wait to walk alongside you in your Leadership Journey. 

Express your interest HERE now so you don’t miss out!