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About Us

Aspire Consultancy & Professional Services was founded by Michelle Woszatka. Her mission is to support and facilitate Growth and Change for leaders, professionals and businesses to transform their work life and workplaces into happy, productive spaces.

About Michelle

Michelle is a wife, mum of four and grandma of THREE. An Aboriginal woman born in Eora Nation, Gadigal Country, she grew up in both Gadigal and Dharug Country. Michelle has lived in the Wandi Wandean lands on the NSW South Coast since December 1995. 


What We Do 

We provide High Quality services through our three business stream experiences.   

  • Administrative Services – Create and/or Review a range of documents including; Out of Home Care Aboriginal Case Plans; Early Childhood/Family Support policies/procedures, practice guides, admin forms, general admin & research support and early childhood services virtual assistance (includes social media management & website updates/reviews.     
  • Consultancy Support & Professional Development in Early Childhood and other services working with young children.  This includes; mentoring, coaching and Reflexive Professional Supervision for leaders & teams and DISC Assessment.  CONTACT US to discuss your unique requirements.                     
  • Reflexive Professional Supervision for Leaders and Professionals in Education, Community Services, Private Business, Government, Non-government, Women’s & Children’s Ministry Leaders and Chaplains & Pastors/Ministers.                       

              TAKE THE STEP NOW TO                        TRANSFORMATIONAL GROWTH.             Our work is underpinned by relevant regulations, accrediting bodies, codes of ethics, specific standards and best practice principles. We listen and work with you collaboratively to meet your goals using a solution focused, strengths-based approach


Michelle’s 31+ years of experience as both a parent and professional has provided a strong foundation for her to work as a consultant and professional supervisor.  She has built a reputation for her strengths as a leader, teacher, mentor, coach and professional supervisor modelling high quality practice for others and empowering others in all they do.  Michelle’s experience working with children and families encompass working in a range of early childhood services, the early years of school, family and community services, TAFE and UNI. Michelle has extensive experience in the areas of wellbeing and trauma.  Michelle is also a strong administrator and experienced Reflexive Professional Supervisor, mentor and coach who has facilitated and supported a range of groups including: parenting, playgroups, women’s wellbeing groups.


Aspire Consultancy & Professional Services is located on the South Coast of NSW providing face to face, telephone and online services and support across Australia.

Our Logo Our Story

Our logo was developed to include aspects of my culture and as an analogy of the purpose of Aspire Early Childhood Consultancy. It was revamped in November 2021 to include the professional supervision arm of the business.

The orange and blue colours were chosen to reflect the sea and the land of which I love to spend time by the river and ocean, and to admire the beautiful natural environment where I live.  The leaf symbolizes growth as well as support. Did you know the primary purpose of the veins within a leaf is to carry food and water throughout the leaf?  They also provide support for the leaf.  This is what we aim to do at Aspire; provide opportunities for growth and support through consultancy and professional development that will feed and sustain you in your important work with young children, families and communities. Each different colour within the leaf also depicts different aspects of the business.  You will see each section is not perfectly equal in size and shape.  Each individual staff member, team, service is unique in it’s characteristics, personalities, culture, experience and knowledge.  We do not provide a one size fits all service.  

Our service like a leaf is supportive, encourages growth and sustenance so you are well equipped to fulfil your goals in your life and work.


  • TAE40122 – Certificate IV in Training and  Assessment 
  • Graduate Certificate in Counselling
  • Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Clinical/Pastoral)
  • Diploma of Management (Excellence in Leadership)     
  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood 0-8 years)          
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education 0-8 years)       
  • Associate Diploma Social Science (Child Studies)                        

Certifications & Training

  • DISC Accredited Facilitator Practitioner
  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy for Coaches
  • Leading Local Change – Leadership training
  • ECA Leadership Program
  • Accredited Triple P Level 2 & Level 4 Parenting Facilitator
  • Bringing up Great Kids parenting Facilitator
  • Registered Facilitator – Circle of Security Parenting

Professional Membership

  • Early Childhood Australia (ECA)
  • NESA Accredited Teacher       
  • Chaplaincy Australia (CA)          
  • Australasian Association of Professional Supervision (AAOS)

A few organisations we’ve worked with…