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Leadership & Management Support

Why would I want or need leadership & management support?

Leadership is something that we continue to develop.  The type of leader I was 13 years ago was very different to the leader I am today and I’m sure 5 years from now I’ll have more skills, knowledge and experience that will inform my leadership style.

It is clearly an important area in Early Childhood Education and Care services as evidence by having it’s own Quality Area in the National Quality Framework.  Often Leaders in children’s service and the early years of school benefit from having someone outside their service to guide, mentor and support them.  It’s often the outside ‘lens’ that can assist others’ to view things from a different perspective to make changes, challenge the norm and to validate what is happening.  We work to address multiple aspects of Education

Reflective Professional Supervision

Why would I want or need leadership & management support?

A term borrowed from the social worker and counsellor profession that has been adopted in Early Childhood in the UK and USA, Reflective Professional Supervision provides a safe space for Leaders to unpack their work, to go deeper and consider its effect on their practice, their personal and professional life within the context of legislation, professional and ethical practice and to be challenged in their thoughts and practice.  

In Australia, Teachers, Educators and family support workers are more likely to be working with highly complex families and are being exposed to more information and incidences of distress either physically or emotionally.  Reflective Professional Supervision provides an opportunity to mitigate vicarious trauma and burnout.                                                

Shohet (2004) defines professional supervision as a collaborative relationship where there are core elements that make up this professional relationship.  Generally, supervisees meet with supervisors on a regular basis, usually once a month providing material that will help stimulate a discussion about the work. As a team, supervisor and supervisee/s explore the range of emotions (positive and negative) related to the families and issues the supervisee is managing. They work together to understand and identify appropriate next steps.  It isn’t counselling, however, does focus on experiences, thoughts, and feelings directly connected with work.

Reflective supervision is characterized by active listening and thoughtful questioning by both participants in the supervision relationship. The supervisory meetings are “…an opportunity to scaffold, or support the acquisition of new knowledge…Reflection is important because it empowers staff to assess their own performance. Awareness of one’s strengths, as well as one’s limits and vulnerabilities, allows individuals to make mid-course corrections in work performance that feel natural, unforced, and generated from within.”                                                                                    Reference: Retrieved from https://www.zerotothree.org/resources/412-three-building-blocks-of-reflective-supervision#chapter-245

Investment: Prices vary for professional supervision sessions. Discounts apply for annual packages for both individual and group supervision.                                                     

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